About Me

Thank you for visiting TechBite. I am Sam, which is not my real name but a nickname. I borrowed it from one of my favorite characters Sam Winchester from the TV Show Supernatural (that I obviously watched ONLY as I was a teenager).

After working in high-tech sales, marketing, and product management for years, I have gotten into the habit of overanalyzing technology. Especially (IoT) companies and products that impact us as consumers. Market research and analysis is a favorite pass time of mine – sadly – as opposed to other healthier alternatives (like the outdoors). 

There are times when I really want to share my thoughts and ideas on a subject because I think some people may benefit from it. I made this blog precisely to do just that. It gives me a way to share what’s cooking in my brains. 

As you can tell, I haven’t published many articles in the last 4 years. Parents, kids, and a full-time job has kept me busy, but I promise I’ll get around to it.

What is TechBite ?

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I love reading tech news and reviews, but often get annoyed by click-bait and poorly researched articles, even from well-known names. This was especially apparent when it came to subject of IoT (Internet of Things), which is my specialty. I started TechBite in 2016 with the idea of doing two types of articles: 

  • ​Deep dives: For those of you (like me) that get annoyed by big misleading headlines that usually lead to poor articles with a couple of filler paragraphs with no meaningful content. In some cases, all the information they had was already included in the headline. I am sure you know the type. We all hate those type of articles, don’t we? This will be the opposite of that. 
  • Simple lists: These are time-savers for when you just need specific information about a product or news. The idea is for you get you all the information you need about a topic in a couple of minutes. Imagine having to read for 10 minutes (so they can sell you a bunch of stuff) before they get to main point of the article. This will be the opposite of that. 

​At the current rate, I am doing about one article a year, unfortunately. But I do think my articles are unique. I just need to find a way to be less lazy about it. I promise if you check once every couple of years, you will find some interesting stuff here. 


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